DC Artist Aid Network

this group (click here) is dedicated to supporting local artists of all types: painters, filmographers, drag, photography and etc!

over the course 2020, i have seen many artists in need as the times have shifted towards a unwarranted digital era. local artist have been forced to learn a new set of skills while balancing the chaos of a pandemic and loss of revenue until what is projected to be until 2021.

whether it’s questions related to the best technology or apps to use, tips on how to edit a youtube video? need to learn how to create merchandise? an online store? an online persona? just need some feedback? or needing to get rid of old art supplies, need art supplies? know how to apply for a grant? know how to set up a patreon? got bomb make up skills and can lend some advice to newbie? it all goes here. dc artists, this is your home. this is DC Artist Aid Network #WeKeepArtAlive

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