House of Sonique presents: SUBSONIQUE

This Winter Solstice, grab your flowers, pull up those fishnets, and tighten those harnesses: House of Sonique presents SUBSONIQUE. Five subs enter but only one will come out as the DOM of the night.

SUBSONIQUE is a monthly contest where five individuals battle through three categories: interview, talent & best-dressed. Each category is based on a point system. Whoever has the highest points tallied at the end of the night will be adorned as the DOM of the night.

The DOM for the night will receive $100 cash, $100 bar-tab, a flower-crown, scepter & sash. The Dom will also judge at the next Subsonique, The Garden Ball & be bookt for future House of Sonique gigs.

Only five entries are allowed per month! Sign up now before the slots fill out. Click the link & fill out the info to enter. The list closes once the five contestants have entered their information.

Beats by DJ Dvonne
Mary Bimbola
Phil Powell
Pussy Noir
Jake Stronko



Highkey by Chaz Sonique

A 60-minute high-energy, dance heavy queer art production that focuses on providing a platform for marginalized individuals.

We came by boats, planes, trains, & cars to a foreign place. With only our dream and identities, we paved a way of our own. A path of reclamation of ourselves, our communities, & our craft.

A craft that has been marginalized by the structures of our society. But, we are the wedge in a rigid society that demands respect. We are the ones who slipped through the margins, through the cracks, and hammered to break barriers, norms and the fragility of the American society through art and self-expression: We are Highkey.

Produced by Chaz Sonique

Choreo by Sippi Sonique & Chaz Sonique

Music by DJ Dvonne

Majic Dyke
Zackie Cain
Chaz Sonique
Sippi Sonique

Trade Bar 14th & P St.
Wednesday, December 11, 2019 9:30pm -12:00am
Showtime is 10:30 pm

Externalities of Life: Inflection

Destroying “The Superiority Complex” & Maintaining Self-Worth & Actualization

The Superiority Complex: I enjoy talking about myself and sharing the amazing project I am working on. I believe they are an important impact to society and everyone should know about it.

Destroying The Superiority Complex: allow yourself to be present in the moment without taking up too much space & causing others to feel suffocated by my presence. Being an active and engaged listener. Listen with the intent to understand and empathize with individuals.

When conversing with individuals, be intentional about not directing the conversation to myself. Avoid using “I” too much in conversations; use “you” more. Give space for others to share and also allow the silence in the room to be comforting.

Chaz Sonique

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