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The Round Up

The Round Up had captured another loyal victim.

The Witch. 

She’s laid to rest when the sun is bright. On Autumn’s eve, she duels the night.  She gyrated, joked and caused a rite. Causing chaos to all in sight. Pupils white, she chants through the night. CHAZ CHAZ CHAZ CHAZ Once he’s beckoned, there’s no turning back. He charms them with his smile. He enchants them with his laugh. Not a creature could save … Read More The Witch. 


I grew up in my mind. It was where I was safe. It was where I was free. Not bound by the burden of multiple Mothers. Not bound by the burden of stray bullets. Not bound by the burden of being myself. In my mind, I am a king. A queen. A jester. A thorned rose. Yet, in my heart, i am picturesque, free … Read More Emancipation

Birthday Wish

Is ma birfday


I think we have loved before. Neither one of us remembers each other. But we have loved before. It was the first time you made an impression on my heart. The kind of impression that transcends time. So we have loved the way we do now, and in the next lifetime. My heart will find your impression again.


Friendship Creek




I wrote this on the way to the gym


Last date.

Old souls. Connect.


I woke up to the future



Pain this world gave me Pain of not caring Pain of rejection Pain of love Pain of life Pain of suffering Pain of confusion Pain of oppression Pain of depression Pain of madness Pain of sadness Pain of now, hurts I can’t stop thinking about this life called pain Through pain I gain confidence strength and patience Without it I’m useless -Arneteria Benford



Headpiece by Chaz Sonique Shot & styled by Chaz Sonique



Please, Ready me for Another day of battle, Yearning to sometimes just get by. Each day, I rise, swords honed. Ready to face the externalities of life.

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