Question everything.

Scatterbrained and endless, Rocketing through neurons, Through experiences, With no time concept, Just dreams. Dreams that burst through into reality. Shaking my core. Rocking the bed Flying high. No clouds. Just nines. No, negatives. Take one. Swerve to ten. Go getter. Get guddda. No stutter. Speak up. Act right. Straight edge. Back again. Off again.Continue reading “Question everything.”

Phoenix Incarnate

in the valley of death i knew no light was taught no rights At the stake. The veil fell, And my true self was shown. Amongst the ashes, I made a home. Wrongs never righted. Courage overcome fear. Heart overcame the mind. Ashes of the matter, I feathered. And behoveth I grew, like a Phoenix.Continue reading “Phoenix Incarnate”