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I think we have loved before. Neither one of us remembers each other. But we have loved before. It was the first time you made an impression on my heart. The kind of impression that transcends time. So we have loved the way we do now, and in the next lifetime. My heart will find your impression again.


Friendship Creek




I wrote this on the way to the gym


Last date.

Old souls. Connect.


I woke up to the future



Please, Ready me for Another day of battle, Yearning to sometimes just get by. Each day, I rise, swords honed. Ready to face the externalities of life.



Sure again, seasons change, every time, i find my self here. fingers to pixels, fulfilling my urge, to share and be vulnerable


Morning Blues

Each morning brings in a new due. Do better. Do it smarter. Do it with urgency. Do. Do you pay it forward? Or, Do you keep the change? Do it right. You’ll reap. Do it wrong. You won’t sleep. Do you want to do it?


Letter to my 17-year-old self.

A letter of advice to my 17-year-old self.


Phoenix Incarnate

in the valley of death i knew no light was taught no rights At the stake. The veil fell, And my true self was shown. Amongst the ashes, I made a home. Wrongs never righted. Courage overcome fear. Heart overcame the mind. Ashes of the matter, I feathered. And behoveth I grew, like a Phoenix. Awaken. Arisen. Anew.


Pixelated Prayer.

Sometimes ya gotta type to pray



A man full of love

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