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My heart

My heart.. My heart is sweet my heart is kind my heart is loving with a creative mind my heart is beating with strokes of love that connects through vessels full of joy my heart takes beatings for me to see what a amazing person I am and can be my heart says hi you can tell I have streams of life in this … Read More My heart



Pain this world gave me Pain of not caring Pain of rejection Pain of love Pain of life Pain of suffering Pain of confusion Pain of oppression Pain of depression Pain of madness Pain of sadness Pain of now, hurts I can’t stop thinking about this life called pain Through pain I gain confidence strength and patience Without it I’m useless -Arneteria Benford


You and I

You and I are better than this You and I are loveable sweet kind-hearted souls that connect strings of notes into flows of music with such a melody that turns heads in both of our direction You and I will achieve believe that beauty lives skin deep beauty with the touch of your presence can cause situations to become fruitful blessings from all directions … Read More You and I

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