The Garden Ball: Paris is Burnt

House of Sonique is throwing another ball!! This month we are paying homage to the trailblazing film Paris is Burning. Come to slay a category and earn some awesome prizes courtesy of Pansaari. CATEGORIES Pose-tive Vibes Only! The ball scene has finally made it to the mainstream!! Let’s pay our sisters some love. Come readyContinue reading “The Garden Ball: Paris is Burnt”

Queering Hip-Hop

Remember hip-hop in the 70s?  Okay, maybe you don’t.  Circuit parties.  Emcee battles. Beat Boys. DJs scratching the sickest mixes. Hip-hop exploded as a South Bronx earthquake that in the 80s sent shockwaves throughout America, and in the 90s reached to the ends of the earth. Smelling money, the music industry came on board andContinue reading “Queering Hip-Hop”