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House of Sonique presents: SUBSONIQUE

This Mid-Atlantic Leather week grab your leather & flowers:
House of Sonique presents SUBSONIQUE | MAL BALL

SUBSONIQUE is a new monthly ball where individuals battle through three categories: interview, talent & best-dressed. Each category is based on a point system. Whoever has the highest points tallied at the end of the night will be adorned as the DOM of the night.

To be adorned as the DOM of the night, you must compete in all three categories and receive the TOTAL highest score. Each category will also have a sub as a winner. Subs are awarded after each category.

1. Best Dressed 👚 (OTA) – Come walking the runway showing your best inspiration for leather & floral. Show the judges you have mastered your craft and aesthetic. This lewk will be judged based on your LEWK & ACCESSORIES. Come ready to show the judges you are a true DOM in the fashion world.

2. Interview 🎤(OTA) – A true DOM knows what it takes to be put on the spot & live up to the question & expectation to deliver elegance, poise, and grace. Be prepared to give an eloquent and insightful answer; contestants will receive a list of questions prior to taking the stage.

3. Talent 💃🏾(DOMS Only) – Whether you lip-sync, tell some jokes, tell a story, hula-hoop while juggling or anything!. Come showing all the other subs why you deserve to be DOM of the night. Please email your talent info to chazsonique@gmail.com.

Hosted by
Butterknife Decadence
Mr. Ms. Chrysalis

Mary Bimbola
Phil Powell
Pussy Noir

Performances by
Sippi Sonique
Pussy Noir
Chaz Sonique

Beats by DJ DEVON

The DOM for the night will receive $100 cash, $100 bar-tab, a flower-crown, scepter & sash. The Dom will also judge at the next Subsonique, The Garden Ball & be bookt for future House of Sonique gigs.