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The Garden Ball: Sun’s Out! Guns out!

The Garden Ball: Sun’s Out! Guns Out!

The Garden Ball is back and we are taking over the night!

Queens, Butches, Femmes. Spring is here and so is the sun. Who is ready to show some skin? Are you ready? Sun’s Out! Guns Out! This ball will feature signature & upcoming performers from the DC scene. Butch Queens, come ready in your sundress and be the envy of the Ball. Femmes, come with a headpiece that rival the kunts for all eternity.

Doors open at 8.

Showtime is at 9.


The sun will be gone, but will you be out?

Jams by KC B. Yonce until midnight.



Sun’s Out! Guns out!! ~ Winter ain’t here no more! Time to flex those pecs and biceps & werk that runway in the your favorite haute-couture sundress. Show the judges you’ve got the right to bear arms and bawdy!!


Spring Fatale! ~ Come adorned in the latest spring headpiece. Flower crown? Tiara? Crown of thorns? YOU DO YOU DO YOU SWEETIE!! Come ready to show up and outshine dem other queens!!


Come demonstration ready. Tell us what’s important to you using a protest sign and the runway. Walk to speak your piece.


The sun’s out, so these hands are hot!! This is the fiercest category of them all. Show the judges you came to work those elements!! FACE!!! BAWDY!!! SEX!!! & ATTITUDE!! JUDGES ARE LOOKING FOR TENS ACROSS THE BOARD!!!


The winners of each category will select from four envelopes . Each envelope will contain one of the following: cash prize, gift card to Pansaari, or a Mixologist class for two.

This month’s fundraiser will go towards The Roots of Justice. A nonprofit that specializes in antiracial training in the workforce.

Drink specials all night long.

Dance party once the show ends!!!

Pansaari | 1603 17th St Washington DC 20009

You can learn more about Roots of Justice and how to get involved on their website: https://rootsofjusticetraining.org/aboutus/