Condragulations, Rupaul Makes History!

Finger-snaps. Tongue-pops.  Beer glasses clink together. Loud Yas and whistles:  another queen has sashayed down the runway. Every Thursday, the Old Soul Brewery (Cleveland St., Fort Myers) screens the newest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-stars. The fiercest queens from the previous eight seasons return to compete for the All-Star

question everything

Scatterbrained and endless,Rocketing through neurons,Through experiences,With no time concept,Just dreams.Dreams that burst through into reality.Shaking my core.Rocking the bedFlying high.No clouds.Just nines.No, negatives.Take one.Swerve to ten.Go getter.Get guddda.No stutter.Speak up.Act right.Straight edge.Back again.Off again.All facts.I runnit till I can’t I breathNo air, I still thrive.Take one.I make it 11.Why?

International Ms. Leather Fundraiser!!

Your support is needed! IMsLBB – International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack is dedicated to preserving this history of Leatherwomen. Learn more about them here. The funds are being used to hire ASL interpreters for IMsLBB and guess what?? There is an Anonymous Donor Matching Dollar-for-Dollar!!! More about the

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