Excerpt from Luther (my journal)

Dear Luther,

…I am an artist, photographer, organizer, socialite, writer, producer, entrepreneur, mentor and real impact in this city in a short amount of time. I have made mistakes, burned bridges, and realized what true accountability is. The elasticity of vices and virtues are inevitable but that is what makes me human. How I react to those hardships and misfortunes continue to set the course along elasticity to greatness. That journey between the two is full of accountability, inflection, and action. The internal and external struggles may seem endless but time isn’t real but your relationships and reputation are. You are on your own mental journey with guidance from external influences. Those influences impact your health, mind, and daily life. Again, they can influence your mental journey but your journeys between hardship and greatness are one you saddle up your own mental mind and travel that road alone. You can either gallop, trot, or spring in either direction…

-Chazmen McCarter 1.20.21

The Garden of Sonique

The first seed was in 2017 as House of Sonique. The House grew to become a powerhouse name in DC nightlife, headlining shows and producing one-of-kinda-balls at the Hirshhorn, Spy Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, and Echostage.

​Fast forward to 2021, The Garden of Sonique has blossomed. The mission is simple: community over profits. We have pledged ourselves to do our part to support the community in a time of desperation.

That is why 15% of all sales go directly back into DC. Local artists, businesses, and individuals whose finances and dreams have been crushed due to the pandemic will receive relief every day. Our goal is to grow sustainably and to increase our community donations to 60% by December 2021.

DC fam, friends, artists, and business owners who have been negatively affected by the pandemic and are currently seeking relief please email AllThingsChaz@HouseofChazmen.com to schedule a 30-minute free consultation to learn more on how you can receive benefits. Feel free to anonymously submit someone, we also love surprises!

Meet the Gardeners
Business Operations
Jaq Palmer

Logistics and Operations
Laurel Johnson

Resident Artist
Cresent Hayes

Meat Mom/Owner
Chazmen McCarter

Veggie Daddy/Chef
Alex Bradley



Pain this world gave me

Pain of not caring

Pain of rejection

Pain of love

Pain of life

Pain of suffering

Pain of confusion

Pain of oppression

Pain of depression

Pain of madness

Pain of sadness

Pain of now, hurts

I can’t stop thinking about this life called pain

Through pain I gain confidence strength and patience

Without it I’m useless

-Arneteria Benford




Shot & styled by Chaz Sonique

Muse | Cresent 

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Headpiece by Chaz Sonique

Shot & styled by Chaz Sonique



You are my flower
My world my life my hour
You are my strength my hope and my dreams
You are my colors dashed against a wall
You are creative in me
You rise
You fall
You grow up and fall
You sleep but never stop dreaming
You see yourself beautiful to me
You see yourself being held in my hands
You see me taking pictures of you by the sand
You see shapes and shadows make you
You see love and like as the same
You see storms before they come
You smell water before it falls
You get to see me through lens of all sizes
You see me crying right before your eyes
You see my personality changed for the better
You see mending broken pieces together
You see me at concerts
You see me in hospitals
You see me at funerals
You see me at parties
You see me with friends
You see me with family
You see me from a distance
You see me close up and personal
You see me hiding when I don’t need to be
You see me gazing at my lost of memories
You see at the beginning and you see me at my endings
You see me being loved, cared for, rejected and hurt
You see me smiling, laughing and coping
You see me posing with your family pictures
You see me with your friends in the next door store window
You see me being watered with your love
You see me being fed when I just ate
You see me changing for better when I thought it was a mistake
You see me winning when I thought I was failing
You saw me failing when I thought it was winning and worth it
You saw me cry when I was mad,  sad, angry and confused
You saw me get back up to be knocked down again
You saw my strengths, my wrongs and my rights
You know me better in the end
You are my flowers of my life

–Arneteria Benford





Ready me for

Another day of battle,

Yearning to sometimes just get by.

Each day, I rise, swords honed.

Ready to face the externalities of life.


🔹A Floral Affair 🔹


Peacock 🦚

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