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Poor Chaz

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Chaz Chaz.

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Yonce, Chaz.

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Promo Chaz.

Boss Chaz.


Happy is where I longed to be
Happy is where I need to be
Happy comes from people I know, love and respect
Happy can be frustrating, sad, lonely and afraid
Happy makes you wonder how you can stay that way
Happy times are the best days of my life
Happy brings people you miss back into your life
Happy says please, thank you and I love you
Happy says you are special, beautiful, kind, friendly and funny at a certain time
Happy is where you were born, birth and restored
Happy is harmony created to encourage, lift, inspire
Happy isn’t confusion, lost nor need to be found
Happy is why I’m writing you this morning
Thank you for making me feel Happy even though I’m full of grieving and emotional pain

You and I

You and I are better than this
You and I are loveable sweet kind-hearted souls that connect strings of notes into flows of music with such a melody that turns heads in both of our direction
You and I will achieve believe that beauty lives skin deep beauty with the touch of your presence can cause situations to become fruitful blessings from all directions
You and I are the pairs that hold our hand’s hearts and smiles together you and I was will and always be happy rejoin together forever
I love you and I so much

Written by Arneteria Benford

Doubling Up

A couple days ago I celebrated two years in DC. This city has offered me so much in just a short amount of time. May the blessings continue to unfold ๐ŸŒธ

Shot & styled by Chaz Sonique

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