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My heart

My heart..

My heart is sweet

my heart is kind

my heart is loving with a creative mind

my heart is beating with strokes of love that connects through vessels full of joy

my heart takes beatings for me to see what a amazing person I am and can be

my heart says hi you can tell I have streams of life in this world

my heart has meanings of pure bliss and glimpse of memories through it’s beautiful eyes

my heart says not to give up or give in but to continue to fight because I must win

Written by Arneteria Benford

Friendship Creek

Sitting by the fire.

Fulfilling nature’s desire,

living life.

Getting lost within the trifes of the fire

We watch and honor the flames.

Taking turns playing life’s games.

Changed by each season – made brighter,

relations grown tighter.

Time and time only has brought us here.

Patience and Persistence, lead the way.

Raising the tides, coast clear,

may the embers roar, never to fray.

Written by Christian Parks & Chaz Sonique

Letter to my 17-year-old self.

Sup Chazmen,

Life’s been rough since day one but at age 17, you start to see a silver lining. That’s not it though. You learn that the silver lining doesn’t exist. Well, at least not in your world. There is no escaping the darkness. Yet in those solemn times, you’ve always remained optimistic. Never lose that. That six figure silver lining doesn’t pan out. Yet, you do find your way out of Florida. It won’t be to an Ivy League school up North but niglet you do make it out of Hell.

You’ll learn to surprise yourself. By stepping out of your comfort zone and expressing yourself the way you see fit. You’ll find your voice to speak up about your troubles. You’ll learn to be vulnerable.

You’ll eventually learn to embrace your blackness.

You won’t always be called an Oreo.

You won’t always be the only black gay male in the room.

You won’t always feel alone.

My God, you’ll disappoint yourself over and over again. You’ll be disappointed in others. Cry & move on.

You’ll continue to live life backstage in Florida. But remember, a stage is a stage and you can shine from anywhere. Your moment will come.

Also, magic IS real, not like the Harry Potter stuff. You create magic every time you smile. Never stop smiling. It’ll continue to bring you justice in complicated situation. So, smile on!

There’s magic in your creativity. Trust yourself and the abilities you have earned. Use them wisely. To create art, community and self love.

Call Granny more.

Never stop dreaming. Those dreams becomes foundations for artwork. Pain is an emotion meant to be felt and expressed. You’ll learn to express your pain. You’ll learn to share it with the world. They’ll even understand. There is power in being vulnerable.

So keep smiling. Keep dreaming. And be patient.

Your time to take center stage will come.

-Big Chaz


Self righteous

I know this

Stay flexin

They stressin

I show up

We show out

Suns out

These guns out

Check it

I see the future

I know no bounds

I’m not here to find a common ground

Playing these fools like Cleopatra

I fuck up these hand

Like these fucking sentences

I think it through

Then murder it

Show stopper

Game changer

I clap back

Then slap my own back

Back to the future

I’m still talking about me tho

When I step on stage I throw it up

Word vomit, I can’t write enough

I gotta remind myself that I can always go

Never end, just a few naps

But for your sake

Ill close my eyes

Bat up, shoulder down

Hit it outta the park

No, short stop.