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Sure again, seasons change, every time, i find my self here. fingers to pixels, fulfilling my urge, to share and be vulnerable


Morning Blues

Each morning brings in a new due. Do better. Do it smarter. Do it with urgency. Do. Do you pay it forward? Or, Do you keep the change? Do it right. You’ll reap. Do it wrong. You won’t sleep. Do you want to do it?


You and I

You and I are better than this You and I are loveable sweet kind-hearted souls that connect strings of notes into flows of music with such a melody that turns heads in both of our direction You and I will achieve believe that beauty lives skin deep beauty with the touch of your presence can cause situations to become fruitful blessings from all directions … Read More You and I


Letter to my 17-year-old self.

A letter of advice to my 17-year-old self.


Phoenix Incarnate

in the valley of death i knew no light was taught no rights At the stake. The veil fell, And my true self was shown. Amongst the ashes, I made a home. Wrongs never righted. Courage overcome fear. Heart overcame the mind. Ashes of the matter, I feathered. And behoveth I grew, like a Phoenix. Awaken. Arisen. Anew.


Pixelated Prayer.

Sometimes ya gotta type to pray



A man full of love

Trap House to White House

Are the Carters aspiring to be the first family? I think so.


Boo goes bye-bye.

Mother and I visit the Witch.


​Chazmen: The Oreo. 

Black, yet white on the inside.


Hello, Goodbye.

The morning sunlight crept through the window.  After another restless night, I was grateful for the dawn. Careful not to make noise, I tiptoed into the kitchen. Broken glass littered the floor. Every cabinet and drawer stood open. Broken cups and ceramic plates covered the countertops. Careful not to step on the fragments, I opened the fridge, grabbed the half-full jug of milk, and … Read More Hello, Goodbye.

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