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question everything

Scatterbrained and endless,Rocketing through neurons,Through experiences,With no time concept,Just dreams.Dreams that burst through into reality.Shaking my core.Rocking the bedFlying high.No clouds.Just nines.No, negatives.Take one.Swerve to ten.Go getter.Get guddda.No stutter.Speak up.Act right.Straight edge.Back again.Off again.All facts.I runnit till I can’t I breathNo air, I still thrive.Take one.I make it 11.Why?


International Ms. Leather Fundraiser!!

Your support is needed! IMsLBB – International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack is dedicated to preserving this history of Leatherwomen. Learn more about them here. The funds are being used to hire ASL interpreters for IMsLBB and guess what?? There is an Anonymous Donor Matching Dollar-for-Dollar!!! More about the scene: girl Gaia (Greene Williams) and Xir Oya Ra got into It hot and … Read More International Ms. Leather Fundraiser!!

The Witch. 

She’s laid to rest when the sun is bright. On Autumn’s eve, she duels the night.  She gyrated, joked and caused a rite. Causing chaos to all in sight. Pupils white, she chants through the night. CHAZ CHAZ CHAZ CHAZ Once he’s beckoned, there’s no turning back. He charms them with his smile. He enchants them with his laugh. Not a creature could save … Read More The Witch. 

The Garden of Sonique

The first seed was in 2017 as House of Sonique. The House grew to become a powerhouse name in DC nightlife, headlining shows and producing one-of-kinda-balls at the Hirshhorn, Spy Museum, The National Portrait Gallery, and Echostage. ​Fast forward to 2021, The Garden of Sonique has blossomed. The mission is simple: community over profits. We have pledged ourselves to do our part to support … Read More The Garden of Sonique



Shot & styled by Chaz Sonique Muse | Cresent  See more portraits



You are my flower My world my life my hour You are my strength my hope and my dreams You are my colors dashed against a wall You are creative in me You rise You fall You grow up and fall You sleep but never stop dreaming You see yourself beautiful to me You see yourself being held in my hands You see me … Read More flower




Please, Ready me for Another day of battle, Yearning to sometimes just get by. Each day, I rise, swords honed. Ready to face the externalities of life.


🔹A Floral Affair 🔹


Peacock 🦚



Poetry is like this You can find love and love can’t find you You can have a house and you can lose it in a blink of an eye You can have happiness and happiness don’t have a hold of you Sometimes you don’t have to experience pain and pain don’t have to experience you Written by Arneteria Benford aka Mother

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