The Garden Ball: Paris is Burnt

House of Sonique is throwing another ball!! This month we are paying homage to the trailblazing film Paris is Burning. Come to slay a category and earn some awesome prizes courtesy of Pansaari.


Pose-tive Vibes Only!

The ball scene has finally made it to the mainstream!! Let’s pay our sisters some love. Come ready to work those angles, serve face, and strike a POSE!

High High Heels

Ooooooohhh she came looking that way! But it doesn’t matter, it’s all about those heels tonight henny!! Channel your inner Xtravaganza and werk that runway! Higher the heel, higher the score. So, strut those stilettos sissys!

Assassins Only (OTA)

Elements! Elements! Elements! Hands, catwalk, duckwalk, floor performance, spins & dips. We want to see hands so fierce Willi Ninja is dipping in her grave. Serve all of the elements to getcha tens, tens, tenssssssss.

Walk to the Beast

You feelin’ fishy for the night? You feelin’ like a kunty kat ready to purr down the runway? Live out your animalistic fantasy on the runway. Embody any animal while serving the runway to collect your tens from the judges.


Butterknife Decadence

Mr.Mrs. Chrysalis


Phil Powell


KC B. Yonce


Miss Sippi Galore (House of Sonique)

Performances by:

House of Sonique

KC. B. Yonce

Lilith Wisteria

Ricky Rose

Drank specials all night long | Kiki until midnight

Pansaari | 1603 17th St. NW | Two blocks from the Dupont Metro Station.

(OTA) ~ Open to anyone

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